Old Kampala Alumni Scholarship Fund.



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5 reasons why you should donate to OKASFund and our promise to you:

  • We have zero administrative costs as these are fully borne by the founding trustees.
  • Thus, every penny you donate goes directly to a student in need.
  • Our associates in Kampala monitor all monetary transactions.
  • Scholarship awards are sent directly to the school bursar.
  • We do not use the services of any professional fundraisers.

This is our promise to you!

The investment for helping a student achieve their dream


Per Term

Per year

S1, S5, S6


£540 ($675)

S2 and S3


£360 ($450)


£160 ($200)

£480 ($600)


£100 ($125)

£300 ($375)


£80 ($100)

£240 ($300)

Please make out your cheque to OKASFund and mail it to:

In the UK

Arun Patel

2 Empress Ave


Essex IG1 3DD

Mayoor Patel

12 New Hall Lane


Bolton BL 15LN

In the USA

Shirish Patel, M.D

155 Dunrovin Lane

Rochester, NY 14618

In Uganda

Amar Thakrar

4 Muwesi Road

Bugolobi, PO Box 12034

Kampala , Uganda

We appreciate all donations 

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