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Wow! Celebrating 3 Doctors’ Graduation

Wow 3 doctors

Dr Jeremiah LWASA ,Dr Kyabaggu Christopher and Dr. Arinaitwe James

Dear well-wisher,

Thank you for your continued support.

We decided to publish this special edition of our newsletter to share with you the great news that three of the students supported by OKAS Fund have achieved the much-coveted medical doctor title, all at the same time!  


Also, we are happy to celebrate the tenth anniversary of OKAS Fund. For ten years, our charity has been helping underprivileged students at our beloved school, OKSSS! We will publish our yearly newsletter in October, in which we will highlight ALL our achievements over the last ten years.

In the meantime, in this special edition, let’s focus on the incredible achievements of three individuals who went on to become medical doctors. WOW - what an achievement! Starting today we better remember to add the word ‘doctor’ when addressing them…

Success Stories

Dr. Jeremiah LWASA, OKAS Fund scholar, 2016 and 2017

Dr. Jeremiah graduated from the School of Medicine, Kabale University, but it wasn’t easy for him. He was raised by a single mother in desperate financial circumstances. His mum could not afford his tuition fees. But because of his high academic grades (he stood first in OKSSS in the ‘O’ Level exams, with 14 points from 8 subjects – all distinctions!) he was selected for an OKAS Fund Scholarship in 2016 and 2017.

In 2018, again because of his superior grades, he secured a seat in M.B.B.S. in the School of Medicine at the Kabale University.

But university life was not easy for this bright student – during the first three years, in addition to carrying a heavy academic workload, he had to also work to support himself financially.  

Not only that, but he had to travel between Kampala and Kabale for work, which was a ten-hour journey. Naturally this resulted in him missing many classes, and as a result his academic results suffered. Despite all this hardship, he managed to pass with average grades and become a doctor.

(Side note: OKAS Fund only supports students while they are studying at OKSSS; it does not finance students going for higher education. Fortunately, another charity, DR SPESF noticed Dr. Jeremiah’s financial circumstances, and provided funds during his last two years of medical school. DR SPESF stands for Dr. Shirish Patel Education Scholarship Fund, and as the name implies, is run by Dr. Shirish Patel, one of the founding trustees of OKAS Fund.)       

Dr. Kyabaggu Christopher (L), and Dr. Arinaitwe James (R), OKAS Fund Scholars, 2017-2018

Here is Dr. Kyabaggu’s story, in his own words (edited for clarity and brevity).

 My educational journey has been a testament to resilience, determination, and the power of support. Starting from a place of financial constraint after the loss of my father, I faced challenges that seemed insurmountable.

Despite these hardships, my academic gifts and unwavering commitment to my studies propelled me forward.

In A-level (2017-2018), I received a scholarship from OKASFund, a beacon of hope during a difficult time. This scholarship not only alleviated my financial burdens but also inspired me to strive for excellence.

In August 2019, I began my Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery at Makerere University, one of the most prestigious institutions in Uganda. Securing a government scholarship was a dream come true, enabling me to pursue my passion for medicine without the weight of financial worry.

Over the next five years, I immersed myself in rigorous coursework, practical training, and research, continually driven by the desire to make a difference in the healthcare field.

Finally, Dr. Arinaitwe thanks us for providing him with an OKAS Fund Scholarship in the years 2017 and 2018, which enabled him to complete his A levels.

He got very good grades in A-levels and because of this he was awarded a government scholarship for his bachelor’s degree at Makerere University.

Eventually, he earned his medical degree from this prestigious university.

The Heart of OKSSS’s Scholarship Success and a Beacon of Hope for Aspiring Students

Our Liaison Person at OKSSS

Catherine Mulyowa

Cathy is our main contact at OKSSS. She is a former student of the school who has gone through many similar challenges faced by current beneficiaries of our scholarships.

She determines potential scholarship candidates, as well as carries out various liaison activities.

She meets with parents of suitable scholarship candidates, verifies their financial needs and selects the best students based on high academic achievements.

She has been with us for ten years now, from the day we founded the charity in 2014. She is the one who drew our attention to the plight of some of the students, and she is the one who was instrumental in us forming OKAS Fund.

For the last ten years she has worked very hard to help as many students as we can afford to support, often pleading for more support.

She had also worked tirelessly in making sure the three talented individuals mentioned in this newsletter achieve their dreams.

She has therefore been invited to attend the graduation ceremony of one of the medical doctors, Dr. Jeremiah Lwasa at Kabale University.

Appeal to Our Donors

We desperately need more funds to ensure that many of our capable students at OKSSS continue with their studies beyond 2023.


The current funding of 48 students for 2024 will require £22,500.  

At the current level of sponsorships, we only have sufficient funds to sponsor for the next 15 months.

Please note, OKAS Fund has zero administration costs so every penny you donate goes directly to help these students.

We humbly appeal to you for your much-needed financial support.

Canadian donors, please visit: https://health-education.ca/ to get an official charitable donation receipt. After clicking on the ‘donate’ button, in the 'project' drop-down menu select ‘Old Kampala’ from the drop-down menu., select 'OKAS Fund'.   

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” – Nelson Mandela

Compiled by Dinesh Dattani, Trustee, OKAS Fund

About the Author Dinnesh Dattani

Our Editor - Dinesh D. Dattani studied at Old Kampala Senior Secondary School from 1966 to 1969. He has many fond memories of the School, and considers this period of his life as tranquil, carefree and cheerful. Some of the friendships he cultivated during these formative years still endure.