Old Kampala Alumni Scholarship Fund.

Our Associates


Ms. Catherine Bisereko completed her secondary education at the Old Kampala SSS passing Form 6 with flying colors in history, economics, literature, and divinity. Unfortunately, because of her father's untimely demise, she was not able to go to University having to take on the burden of supporting her younger siblings. She remains determined to pursue her dream of obtaining a degree in business administration. In the meantime, she works as the coordinator of the Old Kampala Old Student's Association in which role she also serves as our primary liaison with the school administration. "I like helping children in need", she says.

Ms. Nakabugo Regina has been a maths teacher at the Old Kampala SSS since 1983. She is so committed to the welfare of the students of the OKSSS that on several occasions she has declined a transfer to another school. She takes particular interest in coaching and mentoring the students. Always a mother at heart, she has initiated numerous drives, ranging from food collection from the staff to monetary donations from the community, to support the needy students.