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Students’ Stories



After my father lost his job, my mother started selling rain water to support my 3 siblings and I. She somehow managed to keep me in school and I passed S2 in Grade 2. But she could not always earn enough to pay my school fees so I had to miss the 1st month of S3. I am willing to have 1 meal a day and walk the 5 kms each way to school because I am determined to become an engineer and pull my family out of poverty.


When my father deserted us 2 years ago, our house was repossessed by the bank. So my mother went to work selling snacks to support our family of 7. Last year in S3, I had to miss the 1st term because I could not afford the school fees and my grade dropped to 4. Many days, we eat leftovers from her trade. Today, I am back to school in S4. I play for my school’s soccer team. Although, I have to walk 6 kms each way to school, I am determined to complete my schooling and go to a university and become a teacher.


I was adopted by my aunt when I was in P2 after my father died and my mother became mentally ill. But my uncle has no job and my aunt’s income is not enough to feed all 7 of us. So many days, we have only one meal of porridge. But I am determined to succeed and was one of the few students to pass S1 in Grade 1. I still walk 10 kms each way to school. I like competition and know that one day I will realize my dream of becoming a doctor.


My father left us 3 years ago and since then I have missed several weeks of school each week but I still managed 2nd grade in S3. My sister who was in S5 had to leave her studies altogether. My mother now supports our family of 5 by selling bananas and used clothes. My motto is “never give up” and I am sure my dream of obtaining a degree in mechanical engineering at Makerere University will be realized soon.


After my father died 10 years ago, I was left in charge of my older brothers. However, for most of the time, I had to fend myself and ultimately my aunt took me under her wings. I managed to pass S4 in Grade 1 because of the generosity of my teachers who paid my fees. But again in S5 I had to miss the 1st term as I could not afford the fees. I started working as a dairy attendant but my income was not enough for me to re-enroll in school. I continue to aspire to become a telecom engineer.


After my father left my 6 siblings and I, my mother also left for her village because she had become physically disabled. I now live with my aunt and try to earn some money buy washing clothes. As a result I often have to skip school and my grades have declined dramatically. I can and do go without food for 1-2 days but would not think of missing school a single day, if I could avoid it. I want to be a doctor and help not only my mother but other poor people as well.


My father left us when I was a baby and my mother does not earn enough to support my 2 siblings and I. I therefore live with friends and do odd jobs to earn some money. Despite several weeks of interrupted school because I could not afford to pay the fees, I passed S1 at the top of my class. I hope I can continue my studies as one day I would like to be a magistrate.

If it wasn't for your generosity,my dream and those of others would be shattered

Lubega Steven Student graduate Old Kampala Senior Secondary School

Hello Sir.
I am Lubega Steven and I sat my senior six at Old Kampala Senior Secondary School in 2016.
I write to you to thank you for your generosity exhibited when you donated books to our school's library.
With the absolute help from these very books, my colleages and I read them and used the aquired knowledge to excel in our UCE and UACE Examinations.

I for one I did PCB/sub-maths(Physics, Chemistry and Biology with subsidiary mathematics) and I managed to get 13 points.
If it wasn't for your generosity,my dream and those of others would be shattered.
Oh, thank you so much.
I look forward to continuing with my studies for a better future.

God bless your efforts.