Old Kampala Alumni Scholarship Fund.



Old Kampala Alumni Scholarship Fund is a charity set up in July 2014


Our mission is to provide scholarships to the academically-able but financially-challenged students of the Old Kampala Senior Secondary School and to ensure that core curriculum textbooks and state-of-the-art teaching aids are available to all the students and the staff.

We aim to accomplish our mission by engaging the alumni, lending educational and financial support to the school administration, and fostering active participation by the school students with the ultimate goal of driving the school to attain self-sufficiency.


To ensure that no student of Old Kampala Senior Secondary School is deprived of education because of his or her inability to pay school fees.


We subscribe to the core values of honesty, hard work, and treating all students with respect and dignity, irrespective of his/her gender, cultural, racial, ethnic, economic, or religious background.