Old Kampala Alumni Scholarship Fund.

School Grounds


An ad by a popular beverage welcomes visitors to the school (below, left) while security personnel (below, right) monitor traffic passing through the main entrance off Namirembe Road.

A couple of the house names (Murchison and Kagera) have been dropped and others (Kabalega and Rwenzori) added.
Students wearing T-shirt sporting their house name and color (as above) is a common site 

OKSSS flag, badge, and anthem

Other welcome signs near the main entrance

The glass-fronted notice board, located across from the Headmaster's Office, continues to be used to display term and annual results of all grades.

The tennis courts adjacent to the bursar's office are now used for both tennis and basketball.

The cricket ground where OKSSS scored many memorable victories and located below the physics and chemistry labs is now a football ground. The lab building can be seen in the background.

A small shop stands adjacent to the canteen. For many students their lunch is the only decent meal of the day.

Most of the teachers quarters, located behind the school, still exist and continue to serve the same function.